Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cryptic One - Cryptstramentals Volume 7: Beataday (Instrumental Album)

New instrumental album from Cryptic One of Atoms.  these are the last 10 tracks of 100 from his beat a day project on Instagram.

Check what Cryptic One had to say about it:

"Last October I decided that in order to motivate myself to stay creative, that I would make a beat every day and pair it with a short 15 second video and share it daily with my fans on my Instagram: @cryp_uno

I set a goal for 100 beats and was on my way. By the time I got to beat 93 I decided that in order to thank my fans for supporting me through the entire series, that I was going to release the last 10 beats of the project in album form as Crypstramentals Volume 7 and here it is.

I hope you all check my instagram as well for the 90+ other beats that are there and if Instagram isnt your cup of tea I assembled them all here as well:"

The bonus tracks are only available until 3/14/15

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