Friday, December 28, 2012

The Crossover - Neil "Genesis LXG" Edwards Documentary

"The Crossover" centers on the life of former LA Clippers, Neil Edwards, as he simultaneously fights to reinstate his former athletic glory and sign a music recording contract. Although he was an exceptional player, Edwards made a bold choice to leave the league a few years ago; now he is back with a roaring vengeance. In this series, Neil, an equally talented basketball player and rapper finds that at times it is very difficult to break into the Sports and Entertainment field. However, he is ready to take his dreams to the next level by attempting something that has never been done before. This thirty-minute, reality-based series will follow Neil as he strives towards a double career in Basketball and Hip Hop. Neil has his eyes set on contracts with the Nets and RocNation. Both are partially owned by Brooklyn-native Jay Z, one of Neil's idols. Neil will attempt to secure tryout sessions with the Nets as well as land meetings with the A&R staff of RocNation. Viewers at home will see Neil balance family life, Basketball, and Music. The Television audience will have front row seating for the ride of a lifetime as Neil embarks on this career driven journey. But be warned, the ride could get bumpy!

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