Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shaz Illyork - Deadstock Revival (Album)

Shaz Illyork's 'Deadstock Revival' is finally available on itunes and Amazon. Tracklist below
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01. Deadstock Intro
02. So It Begins
03. QNS
04. Broadway Lafayette (feat. Starker)
05. Polo Everything
06. Extraordinary Humans (feat. STARVIN B & Nems)
07. The Shaman
08. Gathering of the Gods Interlude
09. Chopper
10. Broads (feat. Crisis)
11. The Pyschology of a Sociopath
12. Power Pieces (feat. Sean Price)
13. Nine Seven Era
14. First Born
15. Operation Bad Weather (feat. Starker)
16. Revelations Interlude
17. Alicia Keys (feat. AG Da Coroner)
18. Ill World Order (feat. Ill Bill)
19. Blindsided (feat. STARVIN B)
20. Tapedecks
21. Chopper (feat. Nems, Poison Pen, Nutso & DANSE DAIMONS) (Gmix)
22. The Autobahn (feat. Aye Wun)
23. Revival Outro

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